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สอบถามสินค้าและบริการ LINE: @monsteronline โทร.02-026-6664

Rapid7 insightIDR

by Rapid7
Original price 2,000,000.00 ฿ - Original price 2,000,000.00 ฿
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2,000,000.00 ฿
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Say goodbye to sleepless nights and the sinking feeling that the bad guys are still inside your environment. InsightIDR is the only fully integrated detection and investigation solution that lets you identify a compromise as it occurs and complete an investigation before things get out of control.



Getting too many worthless alerts? Rapid7 InsightIDR leverages both User and Attacker Behavior Analytics to detect intruder activity, cutting down false positives and days’ worth of work for your security professionals. It hunts all of the top attack vectors behind breaches: the use of stolen credentials, malware, and phishing, and alerts on stealthy intruder behavior as early as possible in the attack chain.


Adapt to evolving threats.

Our global security analysts and threat intelligence teams directly contribute expertise into InsightIDR. As we identify attacker techniques, new behavior detections are pushed out to automatically match against your data. InsightIDR doesn’t just highlight point-in-time malicious behavior; it provides full context on affected users and assets, as well as threat intel around adversaries using these techniques.


Trip intruders with deception.

Between Metasploit, pen tests, and our SOCs, Rapid7 understands the attacker— and the traces they leave behind. InsightIDR includes deception technology to trick attackers, making it easy to deploy multiple traps to expose intruders early in their attack chain.



Incident investigations taking hours of tedious work? Before an investigation even begins, InsightIDR devours data from across your network and attributes events to the specific users and assets involved. This allows security professionals to quickly look throughout the entire environment for all evidence of a discovered compromise.